What is an LNC?


  • A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) helps attorneys understand medical records, medical literature, hospital policies and procedures, and medical testimony.
  • LNCs are values as a cost-effective alternative to physician consultants.
  • LNCs are now used on a broader scope, not just medical and nursing negligence, but personal injury and criminal cases as well.
  • LNCs have the ability to integrate nursing knowledge with the challenges of criminal and civil litigation.
  • LNCs are professionals consulted for their expertise in health care.


LNC Training

LNC Fast Track Training via Webcast TBA, 2017

LNC Resouce Books


Educational preparation for LNC practice is voluntary; however, lucrative markets for seminars and courses about legal nurse consulting have developed. The certification designation is reserved for those LNCs who have demonstrated the skills of an experienced practitioner, as do other nursing certifications.

The AALNC position statement defines the certification requirements for a legal nurse consultant. Online, classroom, and home study programs are available for the foundation of legal nurse consultant education. These programs may grant a certificate but not a certification.

The only recognized certification for legal nurse consulting is the LNCC credential approved by the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS). The certification exam can be taken at many locations proctored by the Nursing Education and Testing (C-Net®).

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