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Under the wings of a full-time practicing LNC, you will be 1 of only 8 to experience one week of a personal hands-on mentorship.

Attend our Residency and receive a LIFETIME of support and continuing education to help prosper your LNC business*.

The instructor-led residency program offers in-depth legal knowledge, marketing strategies, and the practical hands-on skills you need to take your business to the next level.

LNC Fastrack via Webcast

Create all the tools you need to get your business up and running, PLUS a chronology sample work product in just 48 HOURS?  Forget the hassles of planes, trains, or cars to attend a workshop.  No need to spend money on hotels, meals, or entertainment.   Do it in the comfort of your own  home. Increase your credibility.  Secure more clients.  Expand your visibility.  Make more money.

The training modules are evenly spaced across the two days.  There are breaks built in for you to refresh your stamina!  You will be assigned “homework” case review to formulate your LNC workproduct…and never having to leave your home.  I will meet you in your living room, home office, or at your kitchen table.  WE will have a great interactive and intensive couple of days!  Join us in January today!

Private Apprenticeship

Do you want more personal focus? You got it! Attend a private apprenticeship in my home and you will work alongside me for the entire week, by yourself, getting all the personal attention and everything the residency has to offer only more….. Customized to only YOU!

Want to learn more about the Legal Nurse Consultant Hometown Residency?

Watch the 15-minute webinar to learn about the work product and activities that generate excitement and momentum.

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